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Time-lapse video requires an astute approach in making. Considering its many uses for marketing purposes, it can make or break the legitimacy of a company. We at Dot Motions comprehend that completely and make sure we work within complete compliance of your demands. Since making these videos require timelapse companies to use a variety of equipment, we deliver when the need is dire. Our experience in delivering such solutions allows us to provide a quick and cost-effective solution. That is why, if you are looking for a solution that conveys your idea and delivers what you need, then you are in the right place.

Timelapse video production requires the understanding of making videos in high-resolution. Slowing them down or speeding them up depends on the sheer need. However, it takes a higher level of expertise in order to create them and make sure there are no mishaps. That is why, out of all the time-lapse video companies, Dot Motions treats the project of our clients as our own and make sure there are no stones unturned. Because of that, we end up making video solutions that do not only stand out, but our customers are also completely satisfied with them.

Time Lapse Services is the supplier of premium time-lapse services to Tier One Construction, Resource and Government organizations throughout UAE and across the globe.

Our dedication to quality drives our business practices, and we are focused on the implementation of a culture that fosters continuous improvement: we encourage our people to take ownership of work practices, pride in their work and responsibility for results.

We are committed to achieving this by:

  • Complying with ISO certification and applicable statutory obligations, standards and codes of practices relevant to the services we provide.
  • Working collaboratively with our clients to satisfy their expectations and agreed contractual requirements in a professional and cost-effective manner.
  • Implementing strict quality controls of our hardware and services, and working with local suppliers who are similarly, quality-focused.
  • Ensuring that all work activities are carried out by skilled, competent and suitably trained people empowered to deliver quality services.
  • Educating and training our people to continually improve skills, awareness and knowledge of quality issues and practices
  • Ensuring that quality requirements are understood and met in the first instance, eliminating the need for re-work.
  • Encouraging employee participation in quality related decisions and promoting knowledge exchange about lessons learnt.
  • Establishing, evaluating and acting upon quality objectives and performance targets to facilitate continuous improvement in systems, processes and performance.
  • Analyzing and responding to our performance against our targets to ensure we continually improve our practices and our performance.


This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Waqar Azmat


Fahad Ali Khan


Clients satisfied


Projects completed


Paige Ovens

Always willing to help, great support services.

Paige Ovens

Marketing Manager

Zara Hussain

This is our third project with TimeLapseServices and we are thrilled with the experience they bring onto our projects.

Zara Hussain


Ryan Harper

Start from the beginning concept to the final end delivery, TimeLapseServices has helped us in every way possible. They broaden our vision made us understand our target market and delivered the project accordingly.

Ryan Harper

B. Manager

Emma Parkes

Very professional staff, the understood our requirements very well

Emma Parkes



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